Digital Marketing Strategy

Do your traditional and digital marketing efforts integrate seamlessly?

DMI helps companies align digital marketing efforts with the overall strategy of the Sales and Marketing teams. We specialize in partnering with these teams to establish an effective digital marketing strategy to complement the traditional marketing efforts for the current fiscal year and beyond.

Web Design & Development / eCommerce / Amazon Store

Is your website cross-device and cross-platform responsive? Is it intuitive and helpful to your company’s mission?

DMI has an expert team that will ensure that your website is aesthetically appealing, responsive, and aligns with your company’s branding. We will work as an extension of your team to integrate the look and feel of your website with your marketing materials. Focusing on your target audience, we will tailor the features and functionality of your website to uniquely serve your current and potential clients.


How does your website rank in the top search engines? Do you know what your clients are searching for and how to choose the most relevant keywords and phrases for your industry? Do you have the time to do the necessary research?

DMI can help your company’s website rank higher in all search engines. We thoroughly research your industry and collaborate with your Marketing team to identify the most important keywords and key searches. From there, we can help you engage in the smartest path to improved rankings.

Social Media

Is your company overwhelmed with all the social media channels available? Are you choosing the ones that best fit your company and industry?

DMI will help you identify which social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Vine, Periscope, etc.) are the most effective in engaging your clients, and ultimately the most profitable for your business. Building a social presence and a trusting relationship with your current and potential online audience is key to successful social media campaigns. We work closely with your Marketing team to understand your company’s goals and align them with all the social media campaigns to have higher ROI. 

Online Marketing – Email Automation

How are you keeping in touch with your clients? Do you have nurturing campaigns with high quality content to keep your audience engaged after the first contact?

DMI can set up and administer an email automation system that can be used to update clients on upcoming products, events, and sales. Nurturing your audience is key to keeping your company name in their mind long after your first contact with them. DMI will help identify and implement the nature and frequency of content to send to your clients' emails. As with many things in life, it’s the quality of the content, not the quantity.

Mobile Apps

Does your company need a mobile application for more convenient accessibility? Can you identify the purpose of it?

DMI can partner with your business to help identify the need for a mobile app. We will help integrate it with existing digital materials to ensure it is an effective tool to offer to your clients.


You have a digital marketing plan in place and it has been implemented… Now what? Is it working? Where do we improve?

DMI can offer its unique Digitalytics service. Gathering and analyzing data from each platform you are spending time and money on is crucial to the success of any business initiative. By doing this, your company can ensure that you are properly allocating resources and marketing efforts to streamline sales efforts, maintain existing relationships, and acquire new contacts. Digitalytics is an effective tool for compiling and analyzing critical digital marketing information.